Our commitment to progress

While our annual Mission report is a source of pride, quantifying the impact on our students' lives, we recognize the journey to accessible education is ongoing. Responding to our mission committee and board's recommendations, we've added a section highlighting our commitment to continuous improvement

Improve our insights into our impact on free users

In the past, the efforts of our Mission Committee and Mission Report have centered on paid paths due to their financial sustainability potential. However, 97% of our monthly users are free users, while only 3% are on paid paths.

We have begun collecting more data from our free users, particularly regarding their career outcomes. However, there's room for improvement:

→ We can delve deeper into understanding our free users, including their demographics, learning objectives, and employment status.

→ We should highlight our free content impact: OpenClassrooms offers all courses for free under a Creative Commons license, a unique aspect of our platform. Yet, we need to better communicate the impact of our free courses.

Enhanced insights will enable us to tailor our free content more effectively, maximizing positive outcomes for all users.

  • 97%
    of our monthly users are free users

Enhance job placement data collection

Over the past few years, we have made lots of improvements to our student data collection before they start their training. We now possess meaningful socio-demographic insights and a clearer understanding of our students' aspirations, reflecting satisfactory data quality in this regard.

However, upon graduation, our data collection gets more challenging.

Only 25% of graduates share salary information, often in ranges rather than specifics. To accurately report job placement rates and salaries, we must amplify our data collection efforts. While progress has been made, completing and implementing this process for all graduates is crucial.

Further advocate for apprenticeships

The apprenticeship model is a great way of getting direct and immediate feedback on the adequacy of the skills we teach at OpenClassrooms and the ones that are needed in the workplace.

This year, we aim to strengthen ties with our employer partners through increased engagement, fostering ongoing dialogue about their needs, challenges, and aspirations. We’ve already made a significant step in that direction by onboarding 2 new members in our Mission Committee who will carry the voice of public and private employers. 


As we reflect on our achievements and our challenges, we are committed to intensifying our efforts in key areas of focus for the future: expanding apprenticeship opportunities, fostering greater diversity by attracting more women into tech fields, and providing enhanced support for students with disabilities. 
With unwavering dedication, we will continue to collaborate with our partners and stakeholders to empower individuals worldwide with the skills and opportunities they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world. Together, we will continue to build a brighter future through accessible education.