Making Of

This Mission Report was designed to match our values of showing better professional representation of everyone, including women and people with disabilities.


This report was co-written by
Audrey Yvert,
Head of Impact and advocacy

Thomas Meister,
VP of Communication and Impact,

Mathieu Nebra,
OpenClassrooms’s cofounder and Education evangelist,

Members of the Mission Committee,C-team and board reviewed content and brought meaningful insights into this report.

Art direction

Xavier Perrillat
Xavier Perrillat is the Artistic Director of the mission report. Engaged in issues related to common goods such as culture, education, and ecology, he has chosen to highlight the talents of Anna Wanda Gogusey, Clémence Spriet, and L’Imprimerie Solidaire in this report, ensuring that the creative approach aligns with the values of OpenClassrooms.


Anna Wanda Gogusey
Anna illustrated this report. She’s an illustrator and designer whose practice ranges from illustration and design to painting murals, making gig posters and tattooing her creations on people’s skins. Her empowering and poetic drawings gave a life to our students’ stories.


Clémence Spriet
Clémence is a full-stack developer with a commitment to social and ecological causes.Clémence chose to use Osuny, for the web version of this report. Osuny is a platform developed by Noesya that enables the creation of eco-friendly, aesthetic, ethical, and sustainable websites.


Alison Hadjez,
Head of Communications at OpenClassrooms, led the communication plans for this report.

Camille Maitre,
Content and Engagement Manager, was responsible for social media communications and engagement. 


This report was printed by l’Imprimerie Solidaire. It is a job-creating enterprise with 80% of its production workforce comprised of employees with disabilities

Nathalie Robin,
proofreader and print production manager, is dedicated to ensuring the quality of printed materials by overseeing their proofreading and production process at printing facilities. She is mindful in selecting recycled papers or those sourced from sustainably managed forests, and in choosing vendors who prioritize their environmental impact.